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Top 10 Highest Paid PBA Player in Philippine Basketball Association

As the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) prepares for the new season, basketball fans eagerly anticipate the league’s top earnings to be revealed. The PBA has established itself as one of Asia’s highest-paying basketball leagues, with top-tier players earning significant wages. This article delves into the ranks of the highest-paid PBA players for 2023, offering in-depth information on these basketball stars.

1. June Mar Fajardo - San Miguel Beermen (₱60 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Fajardo

Mar Fajardo, nicknamed “The Kraken,” is a towering figure in Philippine basketball. He has continuously been the driving factor behind San Miguel Beermen title wins. Fajardo’s 2023 salary of PHP 60 million reflects his unrivaled supremacy in the paint. He is the highest-paid player in the PBA due to his intimidating inside presence, scoring ability, and rebounding prowess. Fajardo’s influence on the Beermen is enormous, as he continues to lead them to victory on the court with his excellent skills and leadership.

2. Japeth Aguilar - Barangay Ginebra (₱50 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Aguilar

Japeth Aguilar has established himself as one of the PBA’s most versatile and explosive players. Given his ability to contribute from inside and outside positions, his yearly compensation of PHP 50 million is well-deserved. Aguilar’s athleticism and versatility make him a valuable member of the Barangay Ginebra squad. His two PBA championships highlight his importance to the team, as he shines defensively, scores well, and regularly steps up on crucial occasions.

3. Stanley Pringle - Barangay Ginebra (₱45 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Pringle

Stanley Pringle is a PBA force to be reckoned with, famed for his scoring power and adaptability. His significant compensation of PHP 45 million for 2023 demonstrates his significance to the TNT Tropang Giga. Pringle is a problem for opposing defenses because of his ability to generate scoring opportunities, drive to the basket, and sink jumpers from various angles. His on-court leadership and basketball IQ have contributed to two PBA championship wins, cementing his status as a cornerstone for his team’s success.

4. Marcio Lassiter - San Miguel Beermen (₱40 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Lassiter

Marcio Lassiter is one of the PBA’s best sharpshooters, making him a vital addition to the San Miguel Beermen. Lassiter’s ability to routinely knock down three-pointers from all over the court adds a dynamic dimension to his team’s attack and earns him a contract of PHP 40 million yearly. His three PBA championships demonstrate his continuing excellence and critical involvement in the Beermen’s achievements. Lassiter’s presence on the floor stretches opposition defenses and improves his team’s effectiveness.

5. Calvin Abueva - Magnolia Hotshots (₱38 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Abueva

Calvin Abueva, recognized for his unwavering intensity on the court, offers unrivaled enthusiasm to every squad he plays for. He has been a game changer since joining the Magnolia Hotshots in 2021, earning him a salary of PHP 38 million for 2023. Abueva’s authoritarian playing style and ability to grab rebounds, generate scoring opportunities, and defend efficiently make him an essential member of his squad. His pay reflects his prominence and contributions to the success of the Hotshots.

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6. Paul Lee - Magnolia Hotshots (₱35 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Lee

Paul Lee dubbed the “Lethal Weapon,” has established himself as one of the PBA’s highest-paid players. With a yearly salary of PHP 35 million, he typifies clutch performances and the ability to command games at vital junctures. Lee’s ability to score and maintain poise under duress made him a game-changer for the Magnolia Hotshots Pambansang Manok. His two PBA championship wins attest to his commitment to boosting his team’s performance. Beyond his on-court abilities, Lee’s leadership motivates his teammates to give their all, cementing his position as a pivotal character in the Hotshots’ quest for triumph.

7. Terrence Romeo - San Miguel Beermen (₱34 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Romeo

Terrence Romeo is a talented guard with a flair for scoring from almost anywhere on the field. His excellent achievements for the San Miguel Beermen have earned him a PHP 34 million yearly compensation in 2023. Romeo’s ability to create scoring opportunities, whether through dribble penetration or outside shooting, significantly expands his team’s offensive arsenal. He continues to contribute significantly to the Beermen as a prized asset with his scoring prowess and playmaking ability.

8. Christian Standhardinger - Barangay Ginebra (₱34 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Standhardinger

Christian Standhardinger, a dynamic big man capable of dominating inside and beyond the arc, earns a yearly salary of PHP 30 million for his efforts in Barangay Ginebra. His presence in the lineup allows the club to adapt to various playing styles. Standhardinger’s ability to grab rebounds, score in the post, and spread the floor with his outside shooting has helped Ginebra. His adaptability enhances the team’s strategy, making him essential to success.

9. Jayson Castro - TNT Tropang Giga (₱29 Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Castro

Jayson Castro, nicknamed “The Blur” for his extraordinary speed and agility on the floor, remains a significant presence in the PBA. He demonstrates his long-term importance to the TNT Tropang Giga with an annual remuneration of PHP 29 million. Castro’s ability to control the game’s speed, generate scoring chances, and make critical assists has made him an indispensable player. His two PBA championships demonstrate his sustained excellence and leadership. Castro’s court vision and playmaking abilities boost his team’s performance, making him a trusted and respected figure in Philippine basketball. His pay reflects his crucial role in TNT’s success.

10. Arwind Santos - San Miguel Beermen (₱25Million)

OKBet Highest-Paid PBA Player Santos

Arwind Santos, a seasoned veteran and dynamic striker, gets paid PHP 25 million annually for his efforts to the Northport Batang Pier. Santos has been a powerful presence in the PBA for years, known for his agility and ability to affect the game on both sides of the floor. His defensive abilities, shot-blocking skill, and ability to retrieve rebounds make him a great asset to his team’s defense. Santos’ scoring variety, particularly his three-point shooting, gives the Batang Pier an offensive dimension. His abundance of knowledge and leadership abilities have earned him respect on and off the field. Santos’ compensation reflects his value to the organization and his part in steering Northport Batang Pier to PBA victory.

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A PBA player’s compensation is determined by several variables, including their playing skill, experience, and marketability. Other considerations include the team’s budget and contract discussions with the players.

Aside from a hefty income, PBA players receive a variety of benefits, including:

  • Allowance for living expenses
  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Insurance for life
  • Allowance for vacation
  • Allowance for training
  • Financial aid for education
  • Pension benefits

It is complex to be a PBA player. Players must be in peak physical condition and capable of regularly performing at a high level. They must also be able to deal with the stress of performing in front of huge crowds.

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