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You can also wager – and win — in a variety of ways with us. Live/in-game bets, cross-sport parlays, money lines, round-robin bets, futures, spread betting, prop bets, single-game parlays, and more are all available. Alternatively, you can simply pick the winner in a pool to earn rewards.


You may wager with confidence knowing everything is safe and secure because we’re employing the same superior technology as our industry-leading daily fantasy sports program.


It’s simple to get started and place wagers:


1. Create a free account after downloading the app.

2. Choose a sport and an outcome to wager on.

3. Place a wager and watch the action unfold while betting live in-play.

OKBET App NCAA Basketball Betting Trends

March Madness is almost here, which means college basketball bettors all around the world are rejoicing!


We sifted through the data in advance of this year’s tournament and, in addition to a historical review of prior champions, uncovered a few against the spread (ATS) tendencies to consider before betting on the first round. Always remember to place your wagers with OKBET App.


The 5-12 matchup, namely the performance of the 12-seed ATS, is the first tendency that sticks out when looking at seeds. According to the OKBET App Sports research team, the 12-seed has gone 76-65-3 ATS in the first round against the 5-seed since 1985.


Even more impressive, the 12-seed has gone 24-15-1 ATS in first-round games in the last ten tournaments. That’s right, they’ve covered the spread 60% of the time during the last ten years. In the last five tournaments, they’ve gone 12-7-1 against the spread.


The 12-seeds have been covering the spread in the first round for quite some time, and there’s a reason why college basketball fans pick this game as their upset special in the brackets.

The 5-12 matchups for this tournament are:

(5) UConn vs. (12) New Mexico State

New Mexico State last appeared in the NCAA Tournament (as a 12-seed) in 2019, losing but covering Auburn in the Round of 64.

Last year, UConn fell to Maryland in the Round of 64 as 3.5-point favorites.


(5) Saint Mary’s vs. (12) Wyoming/Indiana

Saint Mary’s has appeared in 15 NCAA Tournament games in total, 13 of which have occurred since 1985; they are 4-9 ATS and 4-9 straight up in those games (SU)


5) Iowa vs. (12) Richmond

Last year, Iowa went 0-2 ATS and 1-1 SU in the tournament, defeating Grand Canyon before falling to Oregon as 5-point underdogs (favorites in both games)


(5) Houston vs (12) UAB

Last season, Houston finished 2-3 ATS and 4-1 SU in the tournament, defeating Cleveland State, Rutgers, Syracuse, and Oregon State before falling to Baylor in the Final Four as 5-point underdogs.


If you believe the 12-seed can keep up their excellent first-round form, bet on them at OKBET App.


In keeping with the ATS concept, there are a few other matchups that the underdog has historically favored. Since 1985, the 11-seed has gone 73-67-4 against the spread, while the 9-seed has gone 73-68-3 against the spread. In addition, the 9-seed is 73-71 SU in first-round matchups throughout that time frame, bolstering its reputation as the most difficult matchup to predict.

This season, the following games are relevant:

(8) Seton Hall vs. (9) TCU

TCU has appeared in 13 NCAA Tournament games in all, four of which have occurred since 1985; in those games, they are 2-2 ATS and 1-3 SU.


(8) San Diego State vs. (9) Creighton

Creighton has appeared in 37 NCAA Tournament games in all, with 23 of those coming since 1985; they are 7-14-2 ATS and 8-15 SU in those games.


(8) North Carolina vs. (9) Marquette

Last year’s tournament saw North Carolina lose as 2-point favorites to Wisconsin in the Round of 64. (also an 8-seed).


 (8) Boise State vs. (9) Memphis

Memphis has appeared in 60 NCAA Tournament games in all, 45 of which have occurred since 1985, and has a record of 22-23 ATS and 27-18 SU in those events.


(6) Alabama vs. (11) Rutgers/Notre Dame

Last year, Alabama finished 1-2 ATS and 2-1 SU in the NCAA Tournament, defeating Maryland and Iona before losing in the Sweet 16 to UCLA (favorites in all three games).


 (6) Texas vs (11) Virginia Tech

Last year, Texas lost and failed to cover as 8.5-point underdogs against Abilene Christian in the Round of 64.


(6) LSU vs (11) Iowa State

Last year, LSU went 1-1 ATS and SU in the NCAA tournament, covering as 2-point favorites against St. Bonaventure before losing and failing to cover as 4.5-point underdogs against Michigan.


6) Colorado State vs. (11) Michigan

Last season, Michigan went 2-2 ATS and 3-1 SU in the tournament, beating Texas Southern, LSU, and Florida State before losing in the Elite 8 to UCLA (favorites in all four games).


So, do you like the No. 9, No. 11, or No. 12 seeds from the ATS seeding trends? Make sure to place your bets on the OKBET App; regardless of which direction you choose.

Other quick March Madness Tidbits:

Except for two NCAA Men’s Tournaments since 1985, a double-digit seed has reached the Sweet 16 in every NCAA Men’s Tournament (1995, 2007).


In three of the last five NCAA Men’s Tournaments, a double-digit seed has advanced to the Final Four (No. 10 Syracuse in 2016; No. 11 Loyola-Chicago in 2018, and No. 11 UCLA in 2021).


Since 2005, a 10-seed has advanced in all but one NCAA Men’s Tournament, including Rutgers and Maryland last season.

NCAA Basketball Betting Tips from OKBET App

Betting on college basketball generates a significant portion of the action at bookmakers throughout the season, second only to the NFL and NBA professional leagues. While NBA betting versus the NCAAB has some parallels, there are a few betting tips created exclusively for the college game that can provide anyone who enjoys betting on NBA basketball an advantage. The OKBET App is one of our recommended websites to wager on.


The first OKBET app tip is perhaps one of the most profitable and simple college basketball betting methods available. The basic notion is to bet on an unranked underdog playing at home versus a ranked club on the road. The logic behind this wager is that to be favored against a rated opponent, the home team must be quite good. That same home team will be fired up to get a good win that will boost its overall resume when the NCAA Tournament rolls around in March. Throughout the season, past results on bets like this have yielded a success rate of more than 60% on several occasions.


You’ll want to bet against that same home club in its next game if it covered the spread against the ranked team in the first meeting. Given the amount of mental and physical energy expended on achieving that victory in the first place, a major victory like that is often followed by a demoralizing loss. Basketball at the college level is still defined by the highs and lows that occur throughout the season, and there are two ways to profit from this roller-coaster ride.


Some gamblers like to sit back and wait until conference play begins in college basketball because things become more predictable once all of the teams have played a few games.

There are a few things to look for in any team

To begin, look through a team’s roster for returning players and overall experience. In comparison to a team that is still attempting to put all the new pieces of the puzzle together, teams with a handful of veteran starters are considerably more likely to play well in their first few games.


Teams with a returning big man who can control the game in the paint are the next thing to look for. Avoid matches where both teams do a decent job on the glass and concentrate on those where this ‘big’ has a chance to make a large difference in the game’s outcome.


This is also true for clubs with a high-scoring player returning from the previous season. It’s even better if a team can reclaim a handful of its top scorers from the previous season. In each of these instances, the quality of the returning starters of a team should be prioritized over the number of starters that returned from the previous season.


Understanding the impact of the’strength of schedule’ in breaking down any contest is the final betting tip that OKBET App can share for betting on college basketball. A major program can cruise through its non-conference schedule in the early part of the year and then be a primary target for conference opponents once conference play begins. Good teams that continually put themselves to the test by playing against top competition tend to improve as the season progresses.

Why OKBET PBA Betting is Popular in the Philippines

Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines. It has supporters from all across the provinces, and their enthusiasm has resulted in an upsurge in local events. The Philippines Basketball Association, which has 12 teams, is the local league. Despite not being as well-known as the NBA, the PBA has a sizable online and offline following. It is for this reason that PBA games have become profitable gambling choices. The competition is tougher than most basketball leagues around the globe due to the league’s size and tournament structure. Filipino gamblers can look forward to a variety of thrilling betting options.


Because the league is divided into three mini-seasons or conferences, gamblers have a wide range of PBA betting odds to pick from. The Philippine, Commissioner’s, and Governor’s Cups are the tournaments, with a best-of-seven series determining the champion. International bookmakers are accepting bets on the professional league. Local bookmakers are unable to provide events from the Philippines due to legislative restrictions.


Players can visit or download  the OKBET App to bet at PBA locations throughout the country. Otherwise, Filipino bettors can place PBA wagers at any approved overseas sportsbook. In regards to these sports betting sites, the legislation is murky. Gamblers can bet on conference matches as long as the sportsbook is reputable and allows players from the Philippines.

Where did we come across these PBA betting sites?

Our PBA betting sites are picked based on a variety of criteria. Only safe, legal, and reputable websites are recommended. As a result, we can confidently recommend any site on our top list, knowing that our users will have a positive experience. Sites must do well in each of the following areas to get our recommendation:



Regulators from a reputable jurisdiction license the top betting sites. These licenses ensure that a bookmaker is regulated and that it provides fair and secure gaming. We would never advocate a betting site that does not have a reliable license, and all bettors should stay away from unlicensed sites.



You can place bets on sports before they begin on any betting site like OKBET. However, many respectable sites now provide live and in-play betting, which allows you to place bets depending on changing circumstances throughout a game. Our suggested sites provide live PBA betting odds that are updated every time a basket is made, letting you get in on the action anytime you choose.



In today’s world, mobile wagering is the most common way to bet on sports. Each of our suggested sportsbooks has a mobile-friendly app or website that allows you to place bets with a few clicks whenever the whim strikes you. You can check and download our OKBET App to experience our service.



New player bonuses, as well as supplementary loyalty programs, odds enhancements, free bets, and other incentives, are available at most online betting companies. OKBET is the PBA betting site which offers some of the best bonus deals available, helping you to make the most out of each deposit.

OKBET NBA Betting Online using GCash

With the progress of technology, online gambling and sports betting like OKBET App betting have never been easier or more accessible. Filipino gamblers frequently make deposits to play online slots and slot games. As well as at casinos and for sports betting. GCash is the most widely used and popular payment method in the Philippines.


Globe Telecom, a significant telecommunications provider in the Philippines, launched GCash in 1928. With the support of GXI (G-Xchange Inc.), they created this electronic wallet in 2004 and passed it over to Serious Studio in 2019. With the consent and compliance of the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas), the Philippine central bank that oversees some of the country’s most well-known financial institutions. You can use GCash to pay bills, make money transfers, and purchase prepaid and postpaid bills. Online shops are also available for purchase.


When it comes to very dependable payment processors, Philippines sportsbooks and casinos frequently use Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfers. These payment processes enable you to make payments anonymously and securely thanks to the use of authenticated transactions and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols. However, one minor concern’ among sports betting lovers like OKBET App is that these payment methods take a long time to process. In many sportsbooks, credit card transactions might take up to three days.


E-wallets like Gcash come in helpful in this situation. Gcash is a mobile payment app developed by Globe Telecoms in the Philippines that allows you to pay bills, transfer, and receive money using your smartphone or tablet. With the rise in popularity of online gaming and sports betting on leagues such as the OKBET App NBA betting among Filipinos, Gcash has emerged as a viable option for paying players’ accounts.

OKBET App Tennis Betting in the Philippines

Tennis is such a popular and well-liked sport that it’s no surprise that tennis betting is a legal phenomenon in the Philippines. We’ll give you a list of the best tennis bookmakers in the Philippines in this article, and OKBET betting is one of our recommendations. Aside from that, we’ll try to cover every area of betting on Philippine tennis that we can.


To be regarded as good, a bookmaker must possess more qualities in addition to reliability. We’ve broken down the finest bookmakers by topic in this guide. As well as, discussed other crucial aspects of starting to bet on tennis.


We then looked at betting markets that were accessible. Because numerous sports would appeal to many gamblers. The top online betting companies in the Philippines like OKBET betting provide a choice of options for Filipino punters.


Last but not least, we had a look at the bonuses that may be used to enhance the experience at the OKBET betting app in the Philippines. Having access to a good bargain can improve your odds of winning. And having it available on mobile devices can make things even better. In addition, payment methods are discussed in our OKBET App Sports Betting review, so stick with us to the finish for a wealth of information!

Types of betting options from OKBET APP

You may legally wager on tennis online in a variety of ways. Money line betting is the most popular betting format you’ll come across. This is betting on a single player or a pair of doubles to win the match outright, regardless of the number of sets played. So it doesn’t matter if a player wins in three straight sets or 20 games; you’re betting on the winner. Props are a different type of gamble. Props, also known as proposition bets, are wagers on a specific event or non-event in a game. The majority of prop bets in tennis are based on a predicted scoreline. Each wager will almost always have subtle differences.


However, the more exact the wager, the more money you have a chance of winning. You may also place a bet on how many sets are played in total (over/under). If you anticipate a long game between two players, go with the over rather than a veteran vs a rookie. Live betting is a huge part of the tennis betting market. This occurs when a wager is placed during a tennis match rather than before it begins. The payouts on live betting lines are frequently high.

Play Volleyball Betting in the Philippines using OKBET App

In the Philippines, online betting is a popular hobby for both locals and foreigners. The market is flourishing, thanks to new technology advancements and rising demand for more sports betting options. Volleyball betting, tennis, soccer, football, and a variety of other popular sports may all be bet on legally online. You can check out the OKBET App for the safest betting site for volleyball betting.


Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are the two-game kinds. The ball is not permitted to bounce off the ground, and each team occupies one side of a center net. When one team makes a mistake, the opposing team receives a point. A team can also get points based on its performance.

Volleyball sports betting is a long-standing method of wagering on the sport you can wager on the OKBET app. People could gamble on all kinds of sporting events, including volleyball, in the early 1900s. The majority of those who could have placed bets at the time were affluent aristocrats or politicians. There are no records of games that take part in for money, though.

This could be due to volleyball’s lower-intensity character compared to other sports. It could be due to its growing popularity among young people. It is simple to locate many websites such as OKBET betting that provide this form of betting.


Volleyball betting has grown in popularity in recent years. Whether as a result of volleyball’s lesser intensity compared to other sports or as a result of its growing popularity among young people.

Best Betting Site for Rugby Union

Rugby is a popular sport played by millions of people all over the world. And one of its most distinguishing features is the variety of games available. Some people favor rugby union, while others prefer rugby league. There are also smaller variants of the game, such as rugby sevens and rugby tens. Which are popular in many nations.


To ensure that everyone can wager on what they want, a rugby betting service must include all of these. When we evaluate the rugby betting sites we offer, such as OKBET betting. The first thing we check for is this. Then we look at the betting markets; they all have to see who has the most. Which ones are the most distinctive and fascinating, and so on.


When it comes to placing bets, you should opt for a reputable rugby bookmaker to do so with. You should look for two things in a bookmaker: the first posts odds early and the second offers competitive odds.


If you can locate a bookmaker that does both. You should be able to place a wager whenever you want and know that the odds you’re getting are among the finest available. When placing handicap bets on rugby, it’s very vital to look for the best odds possible. Which should be as close to events as feasible on a two-way market. The bookmaker margin is the only thing keeping them from being evens. And if your bookmaker gives low odds, that suggests they have a large margin, which you don’t want.


The sports betting apps mentioned in this article are entirely legal and licensed. This means you may deposit money and place any bets you want with complete confidence in OKBET App.


If they want to keep their sports betting licenses. All sports betting apps in the Philippines must adhere to a set of laws and regulations, which these sportsbooks will do everything they can to comply with.


Offshore betting apps can be risky because they operate under different rules and regulations than authorized Philippine betting apps. Putting your money in danger depends on which offshore betting app you choose. That’s why we recommend you the legal and secure app like OKBET App. Visit this website also filbet.com for more related topics like this.


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