How to Claim Deposit Bonus

How to Claim the OKBET Daily Deposit Bonus?

OKBet rewards its players with generous bonuses, including a daily deposit bonus, as a token of appreciation for using the platform. However, it is essential to follow OKBet’s terms and conditions to claim the prize.

General Mechanics

To qualify for the deposit bonus, players must adhere to OKBet’s terms and conditions, which include the following requirements:

1. Interested players must be active and verified members of OKBet.

2. Players should make a minimum deposit of PHP 700.

3. The accumulated amount must reach at least PHP 1000.

Daily DepositBonusRequirement
₱700301x Turnover
₱1,500601x Turnover
₱3,000901x Turnover
₱5,0001001x Turnover
₱10,0002001x Turnover
₱15,0003001x Turnover

Requirements for Withdrawing the Daily Deposit Bonus

To withdraw the daily deposit bonus, players must meet the required turnover. For details on the computation, please refer to the example below:

Example Computation: PHP 15,000 deposit + PHP 780 bonus = PHP 15,780

Inclusion of Daily Deposit Bonus

You can claim OKBet’s daily deposit bonus when playing all sports betting and casino games, except for the following:

Draw Results

1. A draw result bet predicts that the outcome of a match or event will end in a draw.

2. Draw-result bets often offer higher odds but are less likely to occur.

Betting on Both Sides

1. Also known as arbitrage betting, this strategy guarantees a profit by placing bets on all possible sporting event outcomes.

2. It requires careful analysis of the odds and a significant amount of capital to place bets on both sides.

Voided/Cancelled Games

1. Voided or canceled games refer to matches or events abandoned or declared void by the governing body.

2. In such cases, all bets are returned to the bettors.

Betting on Odds below 0.50 (Malay) & 1.50 (Decimal)

1. Betting odds represent the likelihood of an event occurring.

2. Players cannot claim the bonus if they bet on odds below 0.50 (Malay) or 1.50 (Decimal), regardless of the wager amount.

Terms and Conditions

1. Players must claim the daily deposit bonus within the day. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture, and the prize will reset to zero the next day.

2. This promotion cannot be combined with any other active promo except for the birthday bonus.

3. The promotion is valid only for Sports games (such as football, basketball, boxing, and more) and TPG games (except for lay correct scores).

4. As per PAGCOR rules and regulations, newly registered players must deposit at least PHP 1,000 security before placing bets. The security deposit can be utilized after 30 days.

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