OKBet Pay Day Promo

How to Claim OKBet PAY DAY Bonus

To claim the OKBET PAY DAY bonus, players must understand and meet the terms and conditions set by OKBet.

Bet AmountDepositBonus
PHP 60,000PHP 5,000PHP 1,200
PHP 30,000PHP 2,400PHP 600
PHP 10,000PHP 800PHP 200
PHP 5,000PHP 400PHP 100
PHP 1,000PHP 100PHP 50

General Mechanics

1. Eligibility: Players must have a “verified” account.

2. Deposit Requirement: Players must deposit at least PHP 100 on the following dates: April 30, May 15 & 30, and June 15 & 30. Players must place wagers and reach the required total bet amount to be eligible for the bonus.

3. Claiming the Bonus: Via live chat, players must claim the bonus on the 1st day and the 16th day of the month, from 12:00 pm until 11:59 pm. To claim, visit okbet.com and click on “customer services.”

4. Bonus Exclusions: The payday bonus cannot be used with other active promotions except the Birthday Bonus and Invite Your Friends Bonus promo.

Payday Bonus Exclusions

Players can claim the payday bonus for all games in different betting markets except for the following:

Draw Results/Tie Results

A draw result refers to a game outcome where the scores are tied. Draw bets often offer better odds than betting on a single team but occur less frequently.

Betting on Both Sides/Two-side Betting or Contra Betting

Betting on both sides, also known as two-sided or contra betting, is a strategy where a bettor places wagers on both possible outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit or minimize losses. This strategy is employed when the odds or circumstances allow for it.

Voided/Cancelled Games or Matches

Voided matches refer to games that have been canceled or stopped before they finished. In such cases, all bets are returned to the players’ accounts, and voided matches do not count toward this promotion.

Betting on Odds Below 0.50 (Malay) & 1.50 (Decimal) / Betting on Lower Odds

Betting on odds below 0.50 (Malay) or 1.50 (decimal) means placing a bet on outcomes with a high probability of winning. In the Malay odds system, odds below 0.50 indicate a firm favorite, while in the decimal odds system, odds below 1.50 signify a highly likely outcome.

Terms and Conditions

Claim your Pay Day Bonus now and enjoy the extra perks.