FIBA Basketball World Cup Second

Who Reached Second Round Qualifier and Who are Eliminated in FBWC?

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 has seen a thrilling succession of victories, surprises, and eliminations as teams from across the world compete for dominance on the hardwood. Several nations have carved their names into the annals of the tournament’s history by gaining coveted spots in the Second Round via fierce competition and extraordinary performances of talent, dedication, and collaboration. The basketball world has been treated to a display of physical skill, strategic genius, and uplifting stories of emerging contenders as the tournament nears its halfway mark. In this overview, we dig into the enthralling journeys of the advanced teams, reliving their triumphs, highlighting their qualities, and honoring their achievements in the quest for glory at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023.

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Who Reached Second Qualifiers?


After a remarkable comeback from their previous loss to Germany, the Australian basketball team demonstrated their tenacity by advancing to the second round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. They defeated Japan 109-89 in Group E. With this victory, they finished the group stage with a good 2-1 record. The Boomers hope to match or better their fourth-place position at the 2019 World Cup.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic basketball team made a statement with their constant and spectacular performance in Group A, progressing to the Second Round with a perfect record. They played Angola and overcame obstacles to secure a historic 75-67 victory. Despite the absence of standout player NBA Star Karl-Anthony Towns, the Dominicans showed depth and commitment. This is their second straight appearance in the Second Round, demonstrating their developing competence on the international basketball scene.


Following their earlier loss against the Dominican Republic, Italy’s path through the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 took a favorable turn. Italy demonstrated its talents and commitment in a critical battle against the Philippines, claiming a hard-fought 90-83 triumph. With a 2-1 record, they achieved second place in Group A. Notably, Italy’s impressive summer performance, including exhibition games, demonstrates their preparation and determination on the court.

August 28, 2023


In the FIBA Basketball World Cup, the reigning champions, the Spanish basketball team, continued to retain their excellent history. They beat Brazil 96-78 in Group G. This victory was critical in extending their seven consecutive quarter-final appearances. Spain’s persistent achievement at the highest level of international basketball attests to their talent, teamwork, and experience.


The United States basketball team, a basketball superpower, demonstrated its domination in Group C. When they faced Greece, they displayed their attacking brilliance by winning convincingly 109-81. Team USA improved their Group Stage record to 2-0 with their victory. Numerous players scored in double digits, demonstrating the team’s depth and ability on the floor.

August 27, 2023


The Canadian basketball team made a strong impression in the FIBA Basketball World Cup by demonstrating their strength and togetherness. In their first game, they annihilated France with a spectacular second-half performance, culminating in a lopsided win. The squad then set a new World Cup mark for most assists in a game, with 44 in a decisive 128-73 victory over Lebanon. This outstanding performance propelled Canada into the top 16 for the first time since 2002, indicating the country’s comeback on the world basketball scene.


With a hard-fought victory over Australia, the German basketball team displayed their grit and perseverance in Group E, sealing their spot in the Second Round. The tight 85-82 victory demonstrated their ability to execute under duress and indicated a significant improvement over their early elimination from the 2019 World Cup. Dennis Schroder, the team’s star guard, was instrumental in bringing them to victory, underlining their potential for a great run in the tournament.


The Latvian basketball team stunned many by reaching the Second Round in their first FIBA Basketball World Cup participation. They started their campaign with a historic victory over Lebanon, their first in World Cup history. This momentum took them to a tight 88-86 win against France. Latvia’s surprising triumph ensured their position in the top 16 and removed France from title contention, establishing them as a rising force in international basketball.


The Lithuanian basketball team extended their unbeaten streak in the FIBA Basketball World Cup by finishing in the top 16 for the fifth time. In Group D, against Mexico, Lithuania demonstrated their skill and collaboration, winning 96-66. Due to this achievement, Lithuania has established itself as a constant contender on the international basketball scene. Their previous success in the Quarter-Finals and beyond demonstrates their determination to reach new heights.


The Montenegrin basketball team won the FIBA Basketball World Cup for the first time. They opened their campaign with a commanding victory over Mexico, setting the tone for their Group D voyage. Building on this momentum, they extended their winning run by defeating Egypt by scoring 89-74. This achievement signified a vast improvement over their initial appearance in 2019 and cemented their position in the top 16. Montenegro’s outstanding performance and recent achievements highlight the country’s maturation as a competitive force in international basketball.

Who are Eliminated?

Ten teams were eliminated from the FIBA Basketball World Cup: Angola, France, Finland, Japan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Mexico, and the Philippines. While these clubs are no longer in contention for the championship, their presence in the Classification 17-32 round is critical. These games decide their final standings and help them qualify for the 2024 Olympics and Olympic Qualifying Tournaments. Despite not progressing further, these teams can compete on the world stage and achieve their basketball aspirations.

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