How and where to bet on valorant

How and Where to Bet on Valorant in the Philippines

VALORANT, a competitive first-person shooter game released in the summer of 2020, has rapidly gained immense popularity in the gaming world. Designed with esports in mind, it has become a leading competitive title in a relatively short period of time. As esports continues to grow, so does the emergence of esports betting markets. If you’re interested in How and Where to bet on VALORANT, this comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know to get started.

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Best Valorant Betting Sites in the Philippines


How and where to bet on valorant okbet

OKBet stands as one of the best esports betting sites, offering a near-unparalleled experience for Valorant betting. Over the years, OKBet has expanded its range to provide more competitive markets than any other esports-focused platform. For Valorant enthusiasts, OKBet offers in-built streaming features, team and player statistics, and a diverse range of markets.


Rivalry Esports is a tried-and-tested platform that has been around for years, initially focusing on traditional sports betting before adding esports betting markets. Despite its more basic appearance, Rivalry Esports offers depth, safety, and reliability, backed by years of operational experience.


GGbet, an iconic esports betting site, is one of the best platforms for Valorant betting. It is progressive, forward-thinking, and dynamic, with faster deposits and withdrawals. GGbet users can choose from a diverse range of Valorant betting markets, some of which are exclusive to the platform.

Where to Bet on Valorant?

Selecting the right platform for Valorant betting is crucial. Look for a site that offers a wide array of VALORANT gambling markets, competitive odds, and a safe and reliable environment. For beginners, the following platforms are recommended:

Valorant Betting Markets

In Valorant betting, you’ll encounter various betting markets, allowing you to place bets beyond the traditional “match winner.” Some prominent examples include:


A popular type of Valorant bet that operates similarly to the Match Winner bet but seeks to eliminate any possible team disparity by giving the favorites a virtual handicap they need to overcome.

Tournament Winner

Betting on the overall winner of a Valorant tournament is a challenging but potentially rewarding bet.


Bets on in-game scores, where you predict whether the game’s score will be over or under the bookie’s chosen number.

Valorant Prop Bets

In addition to general esports bets, Valorant’s complexity allows for more complex prop bets, focusing on factors that don’t immediately impact the match’s outcome:

Bets on Picks

Betting on the picks of different characters in the game, as team composition, is crucial to winning in Valorant.

Bets on Ingame Events

Placing bets on individual players’ performance, such as wagering on a specific player’s ability to score kills with their unique in-game abilities.

Best Valorant Esports Events to Bet On

Esports events play a crucial role in Valorant betting. The following are some of the most significant Valorant esports events:

Valorant Challengers

The introductory stage of the competitive Valorant scene, with multiple regional leagues representing regions worldwide.

Valorant Masters

The next stage is after Challengers, where competition increases, and teams compete in S-tier international events with substantial prize pools.

Valorant Champions

The pinnacle of competitive Valorant is the Valorant World Championship, where only the best of the best teams participate, offering massive prize pools.

How to Bet on Valorant?

Betting on Valorant is straightforward. Start by selecting the right platform for your needs, creating an account, taking advantage of any betting bonuses, and placing your wagers. Watching live Valorant tournaments can improve your understanding of the game and the odds.

How to Get a Head Start on Valorant Betting

Before exploring into Valorant betting, consider these tips:


VALORANT’s meteoric rise as a competitive title has given birth to a thriving esports betting market. The best VALORANT betting sites in the Philippines, such as OKBet, Rivalry, and GGbet, offer a range of betting options and competitive odds. Understanding the various bet markets, including prop bets, will enhance your betting experience. Keep an eye on prominent VALORANT esports events like Valorant Challengers, Valorant Masters, and Valorant Champions for exciting betting opportunities. With the right platform and knowledge, you can make informed VALORANT bets and enjoy the thrill of esports betting.

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Yes, VALORANT is a highly popular esports title, with numerous esports tournaments and a large following of competitive players and fans.

Consider factors like betting markets, competitive odds, safety, and reliability when choosing a VALORANT betting site.

Prop bets are bets that focus on specific in-game events or factors that don’t immediately affect the match’s outcome, such as betting on individual player performance.

Yes, there are various platforms and communities where you can find VALORANT betting tips and expert advice to improve your betting strategies.

Yes, you can bet on VALORANT events in the Philippines on reputable esports betting sites like OKBET, Rivalry, and GGbet.

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